Here you can listen to my solo albums and some other albums I’ve been involved in.

Laulavat tiedekysymykset is my latest work as an songwriter, producer and musician (2021). It’s performed by various artists.

Jim is my latest single. Released in 20th of August 2020.

Mari Rantasila 2020 (In this album I’m a composer, arranger and musician)

Matti Johannes Koivu: Lähtölauluja, 2017 (In this album I’ve made the arrangements for string ensemble and also I’m singing the backing vocals)

Susanna Haavisto, Suvi Isotalo, Lea Pekkala: Maailman ihanin tyttö – Valokuva soi, 2016 (In this album I’m the composer, arranger, producer, pianist and singing backing vocals)


Here you can listen to some music I’ve made for the stage.


Suvi Isotalo: Näin minusta tuli ihminen, 2014

Suvi Isotalo: P.S. Maj’lle, 2011

Suvi Isotalo: Jollet rakasta, 2010